Flitz Tumbler & Media Additive


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Product Description

Flitz Tumbler/Media Additive works with your tumbler to safely clean and polish all metals. The eco-safe formula is ammonia-free, so it won't stress brass or damage primer. Flitz Tumbler/Media Additive is designed to remove oxidation, tarnish, lead build-up, and fingerprints, and prevent future build-up. It's ideal for silver, nickel, brass, copper, and more. Cut your tumbling time in half - simply use 1 ounce of eco-safe Flitz Tumbler/Media Additive per pound of media for beautiful results every time.

    Flitz Tumbler/Media Additive safely cleans and polishes metals when used with a tumbler Remove and protect against oxidation, tarnish, lead build-up, and fingerprints Eco-safe formula contains no ammonia and will not stress brass or damage primer Safely polishes all metals, including silver, nickel, brass, and copper Cuts tumbling time in half and provides beautiful, tarnish-free results

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