Flitz Microfiber Cloth 16 x 16


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Product Description

The Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloth uses Starfiber Microfiber technology, offering you the best clean with your favorite Flitz polishing products. Use them wet or dry for a streak-free clean on any surface. Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloths are quick and effective on any surface, absorb up to four times their weight in liquids, and dry in 1/3 the time of ordinary cloths. Washable up to 500 times, Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloths will be used again & again - a great value, and the best cloth to use with any Flitz cleaner, polish, or wax.

  • Flitz Premium Microfiber Cloths offer incredible results with Flitz polishes, cleaners, and waxes
  • Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, grease, wax, tar, insects, and nicotine stains
  • Special split fibers clean and polish any surface, with or without cleaners
  • Super-absorbent cloths absorb up to four times their weight in liquids
  • Microfiber dries in 1/3 the time of ordinary cloths
  • Can be washed and reused up to 500 times, for years of effective use

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